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Castlebrook Village Voice – Autumn 2014

Leaves are "Falling"

The new school year has started, and the geese are flying South again. Fall has definitely begun!

Annual General Meeting

This year's AGM will be held on Thursday, Oct 30 at 7 pm at Ben Franklin Place. All owners are encouraged to attend. Owners will receive (by mail) a Notice of the meeting along with the Agenda, Minutes of last year's meeting, and Financial Statements. If you cannot be at the AGM in person, please complete the Proxy form and give it to a neighbour who is attending the AGM so we can reach Quorum (40 units).

Board of Directors: Nominations needed!

By serving on the Board you can learn more about and help with how our Condominium is managed. There are five members on the board, with three positions to be filled this year. Our board meets 10 times a year and communicates through email to discuss various issues as they arise.

Gardening Competition Winners

A judge from the Experimental Farm has looked at our gardens, and the winners this year are:

  • Most creative use of space in front & side gardens: 12A Millrise Lane
  • Best use of annuals: 20D Castlebrook
  • Best use of perennials: tie between 8F Millrise Lane and 14E Castlebrook
  • Most creative use of flower containers: 24B Castlebrook

Our thanks to our Gardening Club and to all who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

Where Our Condo Fees Go

Owners pay Condo Fees to cover various expenses—owners can see the Financial Statements in the AGM package for details. For the last fiscal year (ending April 30, 2014) about 57% of these fees went to our Operating Fund, and 43% to our Reserve Fund.

Operating Fund: Major items last year were Summer grounds maintenance (11%), Insurance (10%), Management (10%), Maintenance & repairs (11%), Snow removal (17%), and Water (31%). Residents: PLEASE CONSERVE WATER!

Reserve Fund: No major items last year, but significant expenses for Attic work, Doors, Landscaping and Roof. In the current fiscal year there are two major items: Paving (which has been completed) and Reshingling (currently underway). We plan to replace our front entrance doors next year.

Autumn Garden Tips (from our Gardening Club)

To improve soil: add compost or peat moss. Plant bulbs (tulips, hyacinths, daffodils) in a sunny site; sprinkle with cayenne to discourage squirrels. Prune summer blooming shrubs lightly. Mulch flower beds. Pot spring blooming bulbs.

Pruning backyards

We hired a landscaper to do some pruning. You may have noticed that our shrubs and bushes look tidier now, especially in some of our backyards.

Flyer Delivery

Please do not leave flyers sitting at your front entrance. To stop delivery, call 613-287-3318 or visit Ottawa Flyer Force.


Please avoid loud music and voices—particularly at night—for the quiet enjoyment of the property by all residents, as described in our Rule 12.

Prepare for Winter

Snow and freezing temperatures will be coming soon. Shut your outside water taps and drain them, have your furnace serviced, and have your fireplace chimney cleaned.

Garbage Sanitation (from a concerned resident)

With care, our garbage disposal practices can reduce the chance of disease. Since our garbage pads were designed in 1986 we have implemented blue, black and green box recycling. Sometimes the garbage pads overflow on garbage day. Rather than enlarging the pads, placing bins on the grass is a safer method. During the summer the pads can be rinsed down, including the grassy area, with a natural, environmentally friendly soap.

Wash garbage pails and recycling bins in soapy water to stop attracting flies & rats which spread disease to us & our animals & children. After garbage day our "Tidy-man" picks up litter, but it’s our community, and we can all do our part.

People without garages can purchase an outdoor covered bin for their backyard. Several sizes are available to hold recycling bins as well as garbage containers, and they can be locked so animals cannot access them.


Visitor's vehicles can be registered for overnight parking by calling Response Security at 613-820-3657, site code vhy3sb. If you need more than three nights, contact the Property Manager.

Our condominium is managed by a Property Manager in consultation with your Board of Directors. The Property Manager is Scott Smith of Condominium Management Group, and he can be reached by email at or by phone at 613-237-9519x227. Please contact him if you have any concerns or maintenance requests. We also maintain this website.

Garbage Pickup

Waste is picked up weekly on an alternating two- week schedule. One week we put out Garbage & Blue Bins (cans & bottles), and the next week we put out Black Bins (paper). We encourage everyone to use their Green Bin, which can be put out every week (along with yard waste). Hazardous Waste can be disposed of on Sunday Oct 5 at 2705 Stevenage (Drain-All Ltd) and Sunday Oct 26 at 3355 Fallowfield Road (OC Transpo Park and Ride) from 8 A.M.-4 P.M. Visit for more information.

Unclaimed Garbage Containers

Please bring your empty containers INSIDE after garbage pickup. If you do not bring them in within 24 hours of garbage pick-up, they will be removed because they are unsightly, and may be put in the backyard of the Condo Office at 10F Castlebrook. Unclaimed containers with no address written on them may be disposed of.


Many of the ash trees in our village have died, and several will be removed this fall. Some replacement trees will be planted this fall, and the new saplings will require lots of water. If a new tree is planted near you, please help it survive by watering it when we have several days without rain. The City of Ottawa suggests using a soaker or drip hose to water a new tree for two hours twice a week. Watering is not necessary during a week when it has rained at least twice. Visit for more details.

We welcome your input to the management of our village. We also invite contributions or suggested topics for the next newsletter. Please email our Property Manager.

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